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In the beautiful A Living Arts Centre, Amy Anderson runs her private Pilates practice, Engage Movements Arts. She holds regular weekly Pilates Mat classes, private equipment sessions and shared equipment sessions in the form of duets and trios.


Mat classes are built on the principles of the Pilates Matwork developed by Joseph Pilates. Amy has adapted this work to suit the needs of her clients who often are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or other issues. Classes have a series of warm up exercises, strengthening and core work with accompanying stretches for the total body.


Equipment classes involve the Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wundachair, and various smaller devices and toys that enhance the Pilates work. In shared appointments, two or three clients work on the various pieces of equipment and rotate thru all of them within the hour session.


Amy offers workshops for Ballet and Tango dancers, Pilates instructors, and anyone interested in improving their body mechanics for whatever activity you enjoy.


Dancers of all genres amateur to professional and social attend Amy’s workshops, including dancers who study ballet, Tango, modern dance, Irish Step dancing and ballroom. 

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