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Dance Performance & Choreograpy

Pilates and Body Conditioning for Dancers

Whether you need help with pain management, want to increase your range of motion, or strengthen your body overall, you’ve come to the right place.

The Pilates classes, Dance Medicine sessions and educational workshops will bring healing to your body and more enjoyment to your favorite activities.

Amy Anderson, owner of Engage Movement Arts, provides private, small group, and classes through her private practice, at “A Living Arts Centre”.


She has 25 years of experience working with people in chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, post-surgery, athletic and dance injuries, arthritis, auto accidents, etc.

Amy is an expert in Dance injuries, specializing in technique correction and enhancement, pain issues , and injury recovery for the amateur, pre-professional and professional dancer.



Dance for Brain Strengthening and Cardio Fitness 

With many research articles focusing on the benefits of dance for brain/memory health, Amy has added a dance class as part of her Pilates mat class series. packed with good music and fun movement, the class focus on balance and brain challenging movement to improve the overall health of the student. Plus, it is FUN!!!! Schedule times on Fridays after the 10:00am Ball Class 11:00-11:30am. It is recommended that both classes be taken in sequence but the dance class can be attended on its own as well.

For people who want to dance, improve their brain and heart function, and move to music. Feed your soul!

  • Brain challenging movement to help build and strengthen neuro-connections and increase healthy brain function. Balance exercises, footwork, coordination of arms, legs, feet, hands, head, and torso creates a fun and satisfying movement experience.

  • Non-stop movement to inspiring world music encourages a low to medium cardio workout. It leaves the dancer energized, not exhausted.

  • Dance combinations structured like a ballet class but with movements inspired by modern dance. This is not a class about aesthetics but about enjoying moving coordinated with the rhythm of the music. Healthy joint mechanics, proper warm up, and stretching are all features of a great movement experience that is injury free. 

Contact Amy to schedule any of the individual and class sessions for dancers.

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